AirPods 3

Apple is about to replace its definitely-wi-fi earbuds line with «AirPods 3,» bringing them toward the AirPods Pro in phrases of layout and functions. The AirPods have set the bar for premium «definitely wi-fi» earbud layout, and could probable increase that bar with this launch.

Apple has simplest up to date the AirPods once, in March 2019, after 3 years with none modifications to the line. The AirPods Pro debuted in October 2019, and no releases were made considering that. Rumors propose the brand new version will release in early 2021, this means that a far shorter -yr hole among releases.

“AirPods 3” Features

A new version manner new functions, and the second-era delivered «Hey Siri» guide and a wi-fi charging case. If Apple is prepared to launch a next-era version, then assume a few enormous modifications for «AirPods 3.»

The AirPods Pro has changeable ear hints, Active Noise Cancelling, and force-press gestures for audio control. Apple ought to put into effect all or any of those elements right into a new edition of AirPods.


The case layout for AirPods has now no longer modified because it turned into introduced in 2016. A white-plastic unibody case with a protracted stem and a one-length-fits-all ear tip make up the in reality designed product. The AirPods Pro has streamlined this look with a smaller shape issue and changeable hints however keeps the appearance of Apple’s iconic earbuds.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has cautioned that the «AirPods 3» will tackle a layout among the 2 present products. This could be aided with the aid of using transferring to SiP, or the gadget-in-package deal chip answers used withinside the AirPods Pro. The extra tightly packed additives will allow the layout to decrease in length and upload extra area for the battery.

Apple may also pick to hold the one-length-fits-all layout of the modern era of AirPods and reserve changeable hints for the AirPods Pro. Other functions like water resistance will be delivered right all the way down to the bottom version, however simplest if Apple can locate new methods to higher differentiate the same old and Pro lines.

The layout proven withinside the alleged element images appears much like the AirPods Pro. The ear hints appear like much like the same old AirPods, so Apple will probable stay with the one-length-fits-all layout.

Shorter stems suggest the case can emerge as squatter. Apple will probable hold the five-hour battery existence and 24-hour battery case specced the identical, so assume a barely smaller charging case. Wireless charging can also be covered on this new edition considering that there’ll not be a want to distinguish among the 2 case types.

Apple may also take gain of MagSafe charging withinside the new AirPods. Apple discovered the MagSafe accent and charging gadget along the iPhone 12. AirPods ought to advantage a magnetic attachment and charging gadget withinside the case to permit them to connect and price at once at the again of the iPhone.


The H1 chipset turned into added with the second-era AirPods. It permits customers to use «Hey Siri» and improves battery existence. The «AirPods 3» may also release a brand new H2 processor for higher auto-tool-switching, similarly advanced battery existence, and extra shrewd functions.

Apple added a brand new offline dictation and translation function to Siri in iOS 14, and people ought to run natively on a destiny set of AirPods offline. This ought to allow a consumer report voice notes or have a translated communique in real-time with out the usage of their iPhone.

The new spatial audio function to be had to all H1 fashions of Apple headphones will be similarly optimized with a brand new H2 processor. Advanced audio processing the usage of gadget studying and on-tool sensors ought to motive battery drain, which can be decreased with a higher processor.

Battery Life

The AirPods can final approximately five hours on a unmarried price, with the case supplying an extra price for as much as 24 hours of listening. «AirPods 3» with a smaller length and higher processing ought to cause Apple taking certainly considered one among routes: making the battery withinside the case bigger, or the case smaller and preserving the battery existence the identical.

The five-hour listening time will be extended, however if functions like ANC or transparency make it to the brand new version, the five-hour battery existence can be decreased or slightly maintained. The AirPods Pro with H1 chipset lasts four hours at the same time as the usage of ANC, for example.

The AirPods Pro did emerge as smaller due to their advanced layout and internals, however the case turned into stored notably the identical length with it simply grew to become onto its side.


While no person could do not forget the AirPods a fitness tool, they have already got a fitness-associated characteristic integrated. Hearing fitness is tracked while the usage of any headphones with the aid of using tracking the quantity utilized by the tool. Apple ought to amplify this option with the aid of using the usage of the integrated microphones to degree noise surroundings publicity or sensors to decide in-ear audio levels.

Apple has filed for patents monitoring coronary heart price thru mild sensors, and reviews from analysts at Digitimes say that Apple ought to consist of extra fitness monitoring sensors in the earbuds themselves. Head monitoring sensors could permit Apple to decide positive activities associated with fitness as well.

“AirPods 3” Price

Currently, the AirPods cost $159 for a hard and fast with out wi-fi charging and $199 with wi-fi charging. The «AirPods 3» may also release with simplest a unmarried wi-fi charging alternative at $199, and the modern AirPods with wi-fi charging case ought to pass right all the way down to the $159 rate point.

Apple brought the brand new AirPods product in December 2020 with the $549 AirPods Max over-ear headphones. Several rumors have pointed to a brand new finances alternative we’re calling «AirPods Pro Lite,» however those ought to simply be the «AirPods 3.» They are predicted to release in early 2021.

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